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Cultivating A Love For Oneself 

Blooming Wellness was founded on a passion for self-care, healing and cultivating self-love. 


Our heart is to fuel your self-love, to be a part in improving gut health, optimizing mood and motivation and offering alternative + preventative options outside of modern medicine. 


When you are confident, physically well and mentally healthy - LOVE is inevitable. Love for yourself, love for your career, love for your friends and family, your passions and love for your life. 


We are excited to be able to care for the community we dearly love. See you soon.

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Meet the Team

Thank you for trusting us in your care.

“Nicole is the sweetest! I’ve been seeing her for a few weeks now to receive two different injections. She is so gentle with the injections and hardly ever feel them. One of the injections I’ve received is the B12 and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my energy. Ive been working out a lot more and staying more active in general. I can’t wait to continue seeing results in the upcoming weeks!”

Anahi, Gypsum

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