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DefenAge® Pro Exclusive

A premier medical product range by DefenAge. These products are enriched with an enhanced concentration of Age-Repair Defensins® to intensify clinical performance.

The PRO EXCLUSIVE range is designed for, and must be exclusively offered by medical professionals. It is restricted to medical office sales, and is not available for purchase online. We are proud to offer these products in our medical practice as a DefenAge-authorized medical professional.

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As we age, so do our basal skin cells (environmental factors, sun, lifestyle, aging). Clinical research shows that Defensins®, a natural antimicrobial peptide, enable your body to make new skin cells by activating your body’s very own master stem cell responsible for wound healing. IN SIMPLE TERMS, defensins reprogram your body and “wake up” these stem cells to make NEW skin.

These Master stem cells are located halfway down your hair follicle and they are the only stem cell in your body that repairs your skin when it is wounded. Unlike other skin care products that must penetrate through the upper layers of your skin, when applied topically, Defensins® travel down the hair follicle, directly accessing those master stem cells.

Defensins® activate your master stem cells just as they would be released when you have a controlled injury through procedures such as microneedling, chemical peels, and laser treatments. 

The Defensins® in DefenAge® not only cosmetically enhance your investment in these types of procedures, but also help maintain your results.

DefenAge’s scientists were able to implement the discovery of defensins into groundbreaking technology called “Age-Repair Defensins”, which is the primary ingredient in DefenAge Skincare.

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